• Queen Family

Queen Family

Our history

Armónico was born as a result of the idea of keeping alive the legacy of our grandparents, Mariano Reina Reina and Ángela Velasco Reina , who instilled in us from a young age a love for the countryside and a passion for olive trees. Our oil is a tribute to the figure of the grandfather, so important in Spanish culture and in our lives.

Our farms, located in Puente Genil (Córdoba), are part of the beautiful landscape that Andalusia has given us for hundreds of years. The combination of factors such as the temperature of the area, the dry and clean air, the fertile lands and the Andalusian agricultural experience, contribute to a better development of olive cultivation in the area.

There are many values that have been transmitted for generations in our family, and Armónico brings them all together in a unique, exclusive and ambitious family project:

Family tradition

This project is full of enthusiasm, has a long tradition and has the objective of continuous improvement in the future, using the most innovative resources in all phases of the production process of our oil.

top quality

We carry the quality of our oil as a standard, striving tirelessly to offer a premium product of the highest quality, obtained thanks to the care of each and every one of the phases of its production.

Respect for the environment

At Armónico we strive to protect the ecosystem and preserve the resources that nature gives us, treating the land where our oil is born with care.

We hope that those who trust us feel the passion deposited in this project and enjoy the exquisite flavor of our olive juice.

We thank all the people who are part of the project for their dedication and time, from our farmers to our partners throughout the process of making Armónico, without forgetting all those who have helped us embark on this very special adventure and those who consume and they share the magic of Armónico with their family and friends.