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Convinced of the value of our family oil, he was the one who started this project and did not stop studying, researching and working until he managed to create Armónico SL , our family business, young, with a modern spirit but without leaving behind the values transmitted by our grandfather.

Why did you decide to launch yourself with your sisters in this adventure?

- I always had a very close relationship with our grandfather, and most of our conversations were always linked to the countryside, the olive grove was his life. Without being aware of it, he was depositing his passion in us, and since his death the need to return to him in some way this magnificent gift that he had given us began to haunt our heads.

Faced with an adventure of such magnitude, it was clear to me from the beginning that the only way for this project to be special and come to fruition was by sharing it with my sisters.

What factors would you highlight about Harmonic ?

- Or we offer a complete online purchasing process, in such a way that, in less than 48 hours, our oil arrives directly from the oil mill to our customers' tables.

Our website is constantly updated, we always try to keep our customers informed, we seek interaction with them through reviews or contact e-mail and we are very aware of the importance of offering a simple and fast online shopping channel.

We seek 360° quality. That is, the quality in the oil production process, in our sales channel, in our image and, above all, in our product and our customers' experience.

What projects or goals do you have set?

- Our current marketing is small, with few points of sale (fundamentally gourmet) and mainly focused on the digital market, so we have a huge growth path and big projects ahead of us.

In our first year we have launched two very special EVOOs on the market: Harmonic Hojiblanca Early Harvest and Harmonic Selection. The idea is to expand our offer as we grow, not only in our production, but also in the variety of oils available, always maintaining quality standards.

What do you like the most about Armónico ?

- This first year of Armónico has valued family and friendship, we have felt tremendously supported and this is, without a doubt, something that makes us proud and makes us feel very loved.

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