Although his professional career is linked to the financial sector, from the very beginning he wanted, together with his brothers, to promote the olive-growing tradition started by his grandfather and godfather, Mariano. 

Why did you decide to embark on this adventure with your brothers?

- This question has an easy answer for me. I grew up in a large family, we are five siblings who have been very close since our childhood, and our bond is very close, of blind trust. The company was set up by the three older brothers, who own the olive groves from which we obtain our different varieties of oil. Armónico oil in its different varieties.

The idea of having a family business is for us something natural, because we share the same roots and values, and our common desire is to carry the memory of our grandfather beyond the land where he was born: Puente Genil.

What factors would you highlight about Armónico?

-We take the utmost care in harvesting healthy olives, and in the best conditions, being very rigorous in each of the stages of elaboration of our oils. Our EVOOs are of small, limited production and high quality, elaborated in a traditional oil mill, recalling the flavor of the oils pressed in the old mills.

What projects or goals do you have set?

- Maybe it sounds far away, but having our own oil mill would be one of our dreams. Once we have proven that our oils have a place in the national market, and who knows, someday they could have a place in the international market, we have lots of ideas to surprise our customers. We will go step by step, this project is ambitious, but we are not in a hurry. We want to do things very well from the beginning.

What do you like most about  Armónico ?

- Facing a new challenge every day, out of my comfort zone, which requires rigor, organization, planning and a lot of effort.


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